Desert Wild Flowers Part 2

Bring your OHV, mountain bike or your own two feet to see these blooms. They won’t be here for long, so don’t miss them!

Keep Your Eye Out For These Blossoms


Wild Heliotrope (Phacelia Distans)

A native of the Sonoran Desert, Wild Heliotrope is also called Scorpionweed. They have small purple flowers that bunch together on top of a hairy stem. But be careful — if you touch the stem, it can leave a smell on your hands!


Dune Evening Primrose (Oenothera Deltoides)

With membrane thin white or pink tinted petals, it’s surprising to find such a delicate bloom growing wild in the desert! The best time to see these beauties is in the morning or evening since the flowers close during the day.


Desert Lupine (Lupinus Sparsiflorus)

Look for the long stock with many small flowers that build into a medium height collection of purple blossoms. The lupine has narrow leaves that branch out from a central point and is related to the bean family.

The weather is perfect to hit the trails and look for these blossoms. Come out to the oasis and find out what other surprises you can find while you’re exploring the desert!

Rachelle Manthei