Desert Wild Flowers Part 1

With all the rain the southwest has gotten this winter, the desert is coming alive! Now is the perfect time to come to the River and take your OHV or side by side out to see the blooms happening all over the desert.

Desert Wildflowers To Spot


Sand Verbena (Abronia Villosa)

This purple flower grows low to the ground and gives the desert a vibrant purple carpet. Composed of tiny flowers on each head of blossoms, the verbena also has hairy leaves. You can typically find this blossom between February and May.


Brown-eyed Evening Primrose (Chylismia Claviformis)

This hearty primrose can be found up to 5,500 ft. in elevation. The small white petals of this flower gather into a brown center and the buds can bloom for a second time in the fall.


Desert Lily (Hesperocallis)

This unique lily is also called the ajo lily and is related to the agave plant. Hesperocallis has blooms that look similar to an Easter lily. Don’t be fooled by the long ruched leaves that protrude from the bottom—it’s not a snake!

What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite sand equipment and come out to see the flowers for yourself before they’re gone!