Not Sure Who To Bring? We’re Full Of Ideas.

Everyone knows—everything is more fun with a friend. But we also know that sometimes it’s hard to decide who to ask. The good news? At Arizona Oasis, everyone is a friend, so no matter who you bring along, you’re bound to have a good time.

Still need some ideas? Why not mix it up and invite:

  • That big group you’re always texting anyway—try some real life LOLs for a change!

  • Your next door neighbor (don’t worry, it’ll only be awkward until you get to the beach)

  • Your brother-in-law—and his dog!

  • Your best friend who you haven’t called back and now need to extend a grand gesture (but really, how have they not been to Arizona Oasis already?)

  • Your kid’s soccer coach

  • Your kid’s soccer team—we’ll cut up the orange slices!

  • Your family (wait …not that side of the family!)

  • Those nice people at church whose kids are the same age as yours

  • That guy you always nod to at Starbuck’s as you pick up your iced mocha (you know he’d like a river getaway, too!)

The point is—everyone can have a great time at Arizona Oasis! Why not mix it up and try a new normal with an old friend, or start a new tradition with an untraditional vacation partner?