Refer A Friend To Arizona Oasis

We love friendship so much at Arizona Oasis that we’re celebrating it by giving you a gift every time you bring someone new with you to the resort — a custom Arizona Oasis Yeti bottle. Plus, we’ll give your friend a gift certificate to come back to Arizona Oasis.

Need some ideas about who to bring with you? We can help!

Be sure to let us know you’re bringing a friend before you get here - leave a reservation note when you book online, or call in and let us know!


Bring A Friend

Everyone knows that a good friendship is priceless. So we’re not putting a price on our Yeti bottle either! We’re serious, we won’t sell you one. But we will give you one free when you bring a friend who hasn’t been to Arizona Oasis before.

The Fine Print

  • Your friend will get a gift certificate to come back to Arizona Oasis

  • You and your friend have to come at the same time (It’s way better that way!)

  • Make sure both you and your friend let us know you referred them when you make your reservations

  • Your friend has to be a first time guest and book separately

  • You must reserve at least two sites or rentals

  • Your friend can get a Yeti Canteen too if they bring a new friend the next time they come

  • Is your spouse jealous of your Yeti? Bring two new friends and we’ll give you two Yeti’s!