River Rivalry At Arizona Oasis!

Join the fun at Arizona Oasis on May 17 - 19 for a weekend of river fun and family competition. Bring the kids out and splash together, or cheer from the side for your team. It’s going to be a blast — don’t miss it!

Who will emerge victorious?


Featured Activities

Friday: Hot dogs & drive in movie

Saturday: Wet ‘n wild family friendly competition on the beach!

Sunday: Continental breakfast & River Rivalry awards

Get Ready for Rivalry Fun!

Here is sneak peak into Saturday’s events. Will your team win?

  • Tug of War — Which team will be strong enough to win tug of war with a twist, in the water?

  • Wet Sponge Dodgeball — Who will be able to be the last team standing without being hit by the giant wet sponges?

  • Air Raid — Try to make it around obstacles without being hit by the "bombers" with wet sponges

  • Kayak Relay — Teams have to work together to be the first to make it to the finish line. 


Start your summer early!

Make memories together on the Colorado River this summer.